这个项目在他的leafo.net的项目中有使用,配合sitegen使用,生成静态网站。下面是直接引用了他的项目的 Readme

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scssphp is a compiler for SCSS written in PHP.

Checkout the homepage,, for directions on how to use.

Running Tests

scssphp uses PHPUnit for testing.

Run the following command from the root directory to run every test:

vendor/bin/phpunit tests

There are several tests in the tests/ directory:

ApiTest.php contains various unit tests that test the PHP interface.

ExceptionTest.php contains unit tests that test for exceptions thrown by the parser and compiler.

FailingTest.php contains tests reported in Github issues that demonstrate compatibility bugs.

InputTest.php compiles every .scss file in the tests/inputs directory then compares to the respective .css file in the tests/outputs directory.

ScssTest.php extracts (ruby) scss tests from the tests/scss_test.rb file.

ServerTest.php contains functional tests for the Server class.

When changing any of the tests in tests/inputs, the tests will most likely fail because the output has changed. Once you verify that the output is correct you can run the following command to rebuild all the tests:

BUILD=1 vendor/bin/phpunit tests

This will compile all the tests, and save results into tests/outputs.

To enable the scss compatibility tests:

TEST_SCSS_COMPAT=1 vendor/bin/phpunit tests

Coding Standard

scssphp source conforms to PSR2.

Run the following command from the root directory to check the code for “sniffs”.

vendor/bin/phpcs --standard=PSR2 bin src tests

scssphp的使用方法其实很简单,pscss 源文件。




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